Feedback from the SNAME* Annual Conference

Dear Pierette:

The Marine Forensic Committee that I chair opened the Technical and Research Session of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers at its national meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. Our one-hour part of the program as certainly was successful as we filled up the 75-seat room and had people standing at the back and in the doorway.  Phil Sims opened our session with a paper on the Decay of the Andrea Doria that had John Moyer and Steve Gatto as co-authors. Steve and John were unable to attend. The Society charges authors for attending meetings now due to the costs of meeting rooms in the Westin Hotel. Years ago things were different as authors went free. Times have certainly changed. Nonetheless, Phil did an excellent job of presenting the paper and attached is the current version of the Andrea Doria paper. I think you will find it interesting as there is a picture of Steve Gatto when he was much younger.

The rest of our session was also successful as there was a brief presentation of some research done on the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, followed by a presentation on the Guidelines for Investigating Shipwrecks that is being prepared by the Committee for possible publication in the near future.

I hope you will the attachment of interest and useful. Certainly the ship is decaying with the aluminum superstructure all but gone – a sacrificial anode that keeps the hull fairly intact. However, Phil Sims mentioned that in the visit to the wreck site this year, the bow is beginning to fall to the seabed as the hull now begins to decay. It is interesting to note that the HMHS Britannic in the Aegean Sea is in much better condition than the Andrea Doria even though that hull has been underwater for 93 years!
Bill Garzke

NB. Garzke is the chairman of the Marine forensic panel for the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

*Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

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