Found: Andrea Doria Lifeboat Owner!

Good Afternoon Pierette,
Nice to meet you. I have been in the commercial diving business for the past 33 years, currently working for Oceaneering Int. the company that worked with Peter Gimble to recover one of the ships safe back in the mid 1980s.

The story of the Andrea Doria has always fascinated me and was part of the reason for my career choice.

I am currently developing a Maritime Museum in Lafitte, Louisiana. The boats will be part of this collection. Also I am having an 8′ model of the Andrea Dorial being built to display with the boats and other artifacts. My plan is to restore the #1 Lifeboat to original condition and make the boat available to other museums and organizations that are interested in promoting maritime history.

I would certainly love to hear your story.

Mark C. Koch

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