From the first woman diver of the Andrea Doria

I received this message  from Evelyn Bartram Dudas on my Facebook page   on March 7: Morning Pierette, cialis medical Just a heads up, viagra sick The AD compass and main binnacle cover  recovered 1967  and the 1st artifact from sport divers  a round … Continue reading

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Found: Andrea Doria Lifeboat Owner!

Good Afternoon Pierette, tadalafil prostate Nice to meet you. I have been in the commercial diving business for the past 33 years, currently working for Oceaneering Int. the company that worked with Peter Gimble to recover one of the ships … Continue reading

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Where Are the Remaining Andrea Doria Lifeboats?

A few days ago, best viagra troche I received an e-mail from a young man who needs information on the existing Andrea Doria lifeboats. “I am a student at SUNY Maritime College. I am studying the Andrea Doria disaster for my … Continue reading

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