From the first woman diver of the Andrea Doria

I received this message  from Evelyn Bartram Dudas on my Facebook page   on March 7: Morning Pierette, Just a heads up, The AD compass and main binnacle cover  recovered 1967  and the 1st artifact from sport divers  a round port window  recovered  1966 by John … Continue reading

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Found: Andrea Doria Lifeboat Owner!

Good Afternoon Pierette, Nice to meet you. I have been in the commercial diving business for the past 33 years, currently working for Oceaneering Int. the company that worked with Peter Gimble to recover one of the ships safe back … Continue reading

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Where Are the Remaining Andrea Doria Lifeboats?

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from a young man who needs information on the existing Andrea Doria lifeboats. “I am a student at SUNY Maritime College. I am studying the Andrea Doria disaster for my senior thesis. We … Continue reading

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