From the first woman diver of the Andrea Doria

I received this message  from Evelyn Bartram Dudas on my Facebook page   on March 7:

Morning Pierette,

Just a heads up,
The AD compass and main binnacle cover  recovered 1967  and the 1st artifact from sport divers  a round port window  recovered  1966 by John Dudas ,  were on display @ Boson Sea Rovers Clinic and film show this weekend in Danvers MA.  The theme for the artifact display this year was Ocean Liners. The compass still has the original fluid in it and still points N correctly. I am hesitant to transport it  so it does not get out in public very often . It is on display in our store here in WC, PA.


NB.  Evelyn Dudas  was the first woman to dive  the Andrea Doria.

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