If there were an Andrea Doria movie

Recently, I met a world renowned opera singer, Francesco
Demuro, and his lovely wife.  He did a performance in  Detroit all the way from
Italy,  although he is Sardinian in heritage ( Sardinia was once a
province of Italy).  When I told him about my book on the Andrea Doria and
promised him a copy,  he began singing in Sardinian  dialect a song of
admiration for the Andrea Doria.  He said everyone  is familiar with it.
I asked  a friend to record it and he did.  I asked Francesco  if he would
be willing to sing  the song and others  if there were a movie in the
Andrea Doria.  He bowed and said, ” I would be honored.”

I was thrilled!  Francesco has  performed at La Scala of  Milan  and the
Metropolitan opera of New York.  Here is an interview with him on
YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXKR_6kyEbM

If there were to be a movie on the  Andrea Doria,  I now have  several  renowned contributors in place:

  • a prize-winning  jewelry  designer of Hollywood stars (who is currently now in Italy exhibiting in museums),  we have
  • legendary songwriter of Elvis Presley,  Mike Stoller,  who is  very  excited to write the music score,
  • and now a world renowned lyric opera singer  who is willing to perform for us.
  • contact with several Andrea Doria survivors

This is all in addition to  having James Cameron’s main shipwreck
consultant/ co-author  willing to be our consultant, and John Moyer,
salvor  of the Andrea Doria who  has offered his artifacts– which
includes great works of art from the shipwreck, and  personal film footage
of recovering these artifacts.

Finally,  I have  film footage taken by a PBS  documentarian who  filled me on my first ocean cruise ( Carnival Cruise Lines)                                                                                                                                       contact with many living survivors  of the shipwreck

I think we have the makings of a movie on par or better than “Titanic”!



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