Drifting fishermen die after luxury cruise liner sails past but doesn’t stop

  Is Carnival Cruise Lines too big to care? Read this appalling article and  decide for yourself. My question is, viagra buy for sale  who is monitoring ethics at sea?  PAUL KORING WASHINGTON— Globe and Mail Update Posted on Thursday, April 19, … Continue reading

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If there were an Andrea Doria movie

Recently, generic viagra unhealthy I met a world renowned opera singer, viagra   Francesco Demuro, and his lovely wife.  He did a performance in  Detroit all the way from Italy,  although he is Sardinian in heritage ( Sardinia was once … Continue reading

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Cruising During the Swine Flu Scare

Recently, generic viagra order I wrote about the swine flu and its potential impact to the cruise industry. Reading over the news of this past week or so, discount viagra sovaldi it looks like the swine flu effect continues. Passengers … Continue reading

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Piracy: Can Cruise Lines Increase Passenger Safety?

Piracy continues to be a hot topic in the news, and I find myself engulfed in the on-going saga. Somalian pirates have made good on their word to pirate more ships and take more crew members hostage in an effort … Continue reading

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